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Anonymous Survey on the VSB Real Property Section Living Library

Thank you for watching our Living Library video. We are seeking feedback about the content, quality, and subject matter. Please complete the below anonymous survey to help us to improve!
1.What video(s) did you watch?(Required.)
2.Was the video the right length, or was it too short or too long?(Required.)
3.If there were multiple speakers, did the speakers compliment each other well?(Required.)
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5.What was your previous legal experience with the subject matter that was featured in the video?(Required.)
6.Did the presentation provide you with any "practice tips" or "practice pointers" that you could use in the future?
7.What is the "shelf life" of the video? How often should it be updated to reflect changes in case law and statutory law?(Required.)
8.Do you have any suggestions for future topics or speakers?
9.How likely are you to share the video with a colleague?(Required.)
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