Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee Communal Workspace Interest Survey

Looking for opportunities to work remotely on the Cheat River? The Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee is gauging interest in a potential community workspace in Old Rowlesburg School/Szilagyi Center located in Rowlesburg, WV. Users would be able to rent workspace by the week/month for $100-$300: this would include high-speed internet, printers, kitchenette access, and conference amenities. Survey results will help the committee decide if such a need exists and is worth the investment. Thanks for your time and participation!

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* 1. Would you consider renting a communal workspace in Rowlesburg for $100 per week/ $300 per month?

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* 2. How often would you potentially use a communal workspace?

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* 3. What amenities would you require in a communal workspace?

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