How was your experience with the test relay?

Awhile back we put out a request for testers for an experimental relay hud.
We were thrilled at the massaive response! There are litteraly 22 THOUSAND data reports in the dummy e-mail we set up for this test and we're happy to say it's time for the last step....

A poll!
If you've been using the Maitreya Relay .04E, please do me a favor and take this super quick poll:
(If you have NOT been testing .04E, please don't take this poll ;) ))

* 1. Please rate the following in comparison to the original hud.

  WAYYY worse then .03 worse then .03 The Same as .03 Better then .03 WAYYY Better then .03
Overall performance

* 2. Is there anything you'd like to tell us?