Chronic Care Collaborative

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Help us help you! Share your story about managing or caring for chronic disease/s in 10 quick questions!

* 1. Which of the chronic conditions are you living with? 

* 2. Are you currently managing that condition with medication? 

* 3. In your experience, how hard is it to find out if the medications prescribed by your doctor are covered by a health insurance plan before purchasing the plan? 

* 4. In your experience, how hard is it to find out how much the medications prescribed by your doctor will cost in out-of-pocket expenses before purchasing a health insurance plan? 

* 5. In the past two years, have you ever done any of the following because you couldn't afford your prescription?

* 6. Are you currently receiving help paying for your prescription medications? (if yes, from whom do you receive assistance?)

* 7. What is the primary source of your health insurance?

* 8. In the last two years, have you reached your deductible due to prescription medication costs? 

* 9. We would like to hear from you! What would your life be like if you didn’t have access to your prescription medication/s? Please share your story below. Please share your story with us below:

* 10. We would love to keep you updated on things we are working on and how you can be involved in our mission.  Please enter in your information below if so. (Don't worry we don't sell or spam your email- our communications are usually 1/mo.)