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Let us make a fantastic video to educate your prospects and assist them buy your product.

Our Promise(1/2)

We take good care in making your product explainer video. You are in safe hands(we mean it) and our work includes the following,

- Scripting, crafting a fine voiceover copy

- The music in your video will be of royalty-free, you are good to publish the video on your website and/or on any other video hosting platforms like Wistia or Vimeo

- The 2D characters, colours we use in the video will be inline with your website and brand theme

- The resolution of the video will be in Full HD

The Process(2/2)

- We receive this form along with the payment of USD 500/-

- We send you the voice over copy in 24 Hrs time - This is the foundation of the video. After your approval, the production process kicks in

- In 3 days from the time of your approval, you receive your video

- Should you need any corrections, you are most welcome to share it through the mail(We accept one correction)

- In 24 hrs, you will get the final video which can be published on your platform and ready to help your sales boost further.

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* 1. Duration of the video you wish to have, in seconds.

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* 2. Your Product name

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* 3. Your Organisation name

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* 4. Your Website

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* 5. Few keywords you wish to be part of the video

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* 6. If you have made a Script, you can share it here. If not it's Okay, we will make one for you.

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* 7. Your Name

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* 8. Your mail id

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* 9. Your Mobile number

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* 10. Payment links

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