Understanding how to better serve the business community

In the first quarter of 2021 we are undertaking a succinct strategic planning operation which will define the direction of the Chamber. From those strategic directives, your board of representatives will define an operational plan to make things happen and track our progress.
Some notes on the Chamber organization, from Local to Provincial and National.


Chambers of Commerce promote and improve trade, commerce, and the economic and social welfare for their areas. They develop and present a cross-section of opinions of the business community to the municipal, regional, and provincial governments to guide decisions that lead to a healthy business environment. 

Business leaders from the community form a Board of Directors that are elected to represent the business community in decisions, advocacy to Government, and in facilitating the many benefits available for members.  

"The real challenge is the commitment to change, to embrace what will work for businesses and community, and being prepared to abandon old traditions and comfortable thinking."

If you wish for more information on Chamber services before beginning this survey, please visit: https://www.portmcneill.net/about

120 Chambers hail from rural and urban jurisdictions throughout the province. We are the voice of business on key issues like: finance & taxation; skills & training; natural resources; transportation and infrastructure; productivity; trade & technology; regulations; environment & climate change; and healthy communities. Through a grass-roots, bottom-up policy process, your local chamber network and the BC Chamber of Commerce advises and drives insight to all levels of Government. Policy recommendations from the Chamber result in solutions to situations facing business across the province. This is how change works. The chamber is your business voice.  https://www.portmcneill.net/advocacy

Another important service is benefit programs, which offer valuable discounts and programs to your chamber members.  These benefits are negotiated either nationally through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce or provincially through the BC Chamber of Commerce.  

As a member we encourage you to take full advantage of a diverse benefits package offering discount programs, marketing opportunities, learning sessions, business referrals and much more! Visit our member benefits page and see an updated list of actionable benefits to help your business save money. 

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* 1. Please list what you believe the strategic priorities of the PMCC should be in 2021. (1 being the most important, 9 being the least.) This will help us define our planning focus.

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* 2. How would you like to engage in Strategic Planning?

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* 3. If you would like to engage in a Live Planning Session, when would you like the session?

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* 4. Do you have any other comments?