Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important to us.  The Exigo is the most advanced USB charger in existence and we are eager to get YOUR feedback to help shape some of the decisions in it's development before launching on Kickstarter.

Please visit Apparently Connected first to get an idea of the Exigo USB Charger.  

This survey is related to the use of a small 1" OLED display on top of the Exigo USB charger.  The display would provide detailed information about the charging progress, charging quality, and whether your device is charging at it's maximum rate.  For the techies out there it also reports voltage and current so you can be certain your expensive device is getting the precise clean charging power it deserves.  There is nothing worse than plugging in your phone, coming back 2 hours later and finding it has hardly charged at all!!!!

The OLED version of the Apparently Connected Exigo USB charger can be viewed HERE and HERE.

The version of the Exigo without the display would have simple multicolor LEDs to indicate charging status as shown HERE.