What do YOU do to reduce waste? Want to share your waste-less ways with a lot more WasteHaters? Take this survey, and we will publish the best ideas on WeHatetoWaste.com. Just as a way of saying thank you, every 25th respondent of this survey will win a free Nalgene water bottle or an alternative prize of your choosing. Get to it!
"Junky" Jacquie Ottman and the WasteWatchers

1. What kinds of things do you hate to see go to waste? (Check all that apply)

2. What do you do to prevent waste in your life? (Check all that apply)

3. Which type of tip would you like to read about on WeHatetoWaste.com? (Check all the apply)

4. How's it going in attempting to influence others in your household not to waste?

5. What's your favorite tip for reducing waste in your life?

6. How did you hear about WeHatetoWaste.com?

7. How can we improve WeHatetoWaste.com? (Don't be shy, you won't hurt our feelings!)

8. How might you be interested in getting more involved in WeHatetoWaste.com? (Check all that apply)

9. Please tell us your name and email so we can contact you if you've won a Nalgene water bottle.