Return To Bay Street Award Application 2017

The RTBS Award is designed to help professional women re-launch their careers in the Canadian capital markets after an extended period of absence from the industry. The application process closes on Thursday April 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm EST.

* 1. Contact information:

* 2. Best phone number to call:

* 3. Best time to reach you:

* 4. Do you have minimum of 5 years work experience* and have you held a professional role in the capital markets industry?
*Candidates should have a minimum of 5 years capital markets or related experience to be considered for the award.*

* 5. Have you been on a career hiatus (or working outside the capital markets industry) for the last 2 years or longer?

* 6. Are you available to complete a full-time, four-month minimum paid contract position commencing September 2017?

* 7. Please briefly provide an explanation of when and why you left the capital markets industry.

* 8. Why are you interested in relaunching your career specifically in the capital markets industry? What objectives and goals do you have to re-launch your career? What do you hope to achieve when you return to the capital markets industry?

* 9. What do you consider to be one of your biggest career achievements?

* 10. Please provide a summary of your work-related and academic accomplishments, which demonstrate your leadership skills and impact on the capital markets industry.

* 11. Describe your greatest learning while you were away from the capital markets industry.

* 12. What has been your biggest challenge in re-launching your career / re-entering the capital markets industry?

* 13. What are your long-term career objectives? How do you believe this award will help you achieve those objectives?

* 14. What continuing education courses or certifications would you take with the Return to Bay Street Award education grant? How would this help you relaunch your career in the capital markets?

* 15. Please email a copy of a recent resume to

* 16. Two reference letters must be received by WCM directly from professional work-related references by the RTBS Award application deadline of April 13, 2017. Letters should be emailed directly to

* 17. Any information collected during the application process, including Personal Information, will be reviewed by the Women in Capital Markets Return to Bay Street Committee and its sponsors in the strictest confidence. You can consult with WCM about your Personal Information to update and rectify this information. Your consent to the above mentioned uses may be revoked at any time by contacting WCM at the number indicated above.