1. OpenSG Users Group Meeting Sessions

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* 1. General Sessions

Please rate the following sessions that you attended:

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor N/A
Boot Camp Overview
Boot Camp: SG Communications
Boot Camp: SG Conformity
Boot Camp: SG Security
Boot Camp: SG Systems
Open Plenary
Closing Plenary

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* 2. Work Group Sessions

Please rate the work group session(s) you attended:

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor N/A
AMI-ENT/SG Security
Edge Conformity
Edge Conformity/Network Interop
Enterprise Conformity
OpenADE/OpenADR/Edge Conformity
SG Communication/PAP02
SG Communications
SG Conformity
SG Security
SG Security/OpenADE/Open ADR
SG Security/OpenHAN
SG Security/SG Conformity
SG Systems

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* 3. Which session(s) did you find most helpful/informative:

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* 4. Please rate the length of the 3 - day meeting overall, did you find the meeting to be: