Please complete this JSA Junior Program Staff and Salary Survey about your staffing practices during the recent summer.

An example of a prior year's report showing the useful information provided by this annual staffing survey may be viewed through this link.
Designate one person from your program to respond to the survey. We will distribute summarized results for use by the clubs that have participated. Please give us the most complete information you can and you will share in the feedback. Your specific responses are kept confidential and only summarized results will be published, with no identification of the source.
You may print a sample copy of the survey so you will be aware of the questions in advance. If you don't have the recent summer's data right now, please come back and complete this survey after you have the data ready at hand. You may also save a partial survey, then return to continue it until completed (use the same computer and browser, with cookies active, so the survey system recognizes you).


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* 1. (Required) Your contact info so we may email the results to you when the survey is tabulated.

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