Pregnancy Services

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out our CA Pregnancy Center and Clinics survey. We so appreciate your time as we work together in our state to serve more women and couples who need help when facing unplanned pregnancy. Please fill in or click your answers below. We are only looking for averages and educated guesses. It is not necessary to be exact. Thank you again for your time.

* 1. Address

* 3. Is your organization a CA licensed medical clinic?

* 4. If your organization is a medical clinic, how many total ultrasounds does your organization perform each month on average?

* 5. How many total clients (new occurrences) does your organization serve on average per month?

* 6. What percentage of these do you consider at risk for abortion?

* 7. Do you feel you could serve more clients each month?

* 8. Has your organization experienced clientele growth in the past couple of years? If so, to what do you attribute that growth?