Hi All,

We understand that now Astro training has ended; it can be difficult to obtain adequate space in the park to train midweek. We want to help managers by creating an official timetable for training, where we can allocate a slot and a time that suits you to train; without managers feeling they need to come an hour early to get space in the park.

We have compiled a brief survey to help us understand when suits you to train, for how long and how often. We aim to provide first preference to each manger; but as you understand we have 40+ teams to work with so please be mindful of compromise.

Thanks for your help with this; it can only be a success through realistic and honest engagement.
We aim to have the timetable & allocation up and running by May.

* 1. Managers Name

* 2. Age Group

* 3. Average number of players in attendance per session

* 4. How many evening per week do you train

* 5. What evenings to you like to train. Please list in order of prefernce

  Preference 1 Preference 2 Preference 3 Preference 4 Preference 5 Cannot train this night

* 6. What time do you like to begin training?

* 7. Are you happy to move this time by a half hour each way?

* 8. How long do you train for?

* 9. Are you happy to train in AGP?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns in relation to the above?