St. Joan of Arc Parish
Liturgy and Spiritual Life Survey:  2017

Please mark the part for each statement which most closely represents your opinion.  Add your suggestions of how we may improve this part of the liturgical experience.  Once the survey has been completed, select "done" so we may collect your answers.

Signature not required. This survey is anonymous.

* 1. The music enhances/does not enhance my experience at Mass.

* 2. I am/am not inspired by the homilies.

* 3. My experience of the Mass encourages/does not encourage me to receive Holy Communion.

* 4. I get/do not get a sense of being welcomed from the hospitality ministers.

* 5. I would/would not attend a one-day Lenten retreat on a Saturday.

* 6. I usually attend the 5:00 PM, 10:00 AM, or 12:00 noon Mass.