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* 1. How do you participate with global health work?

* 2. Have you ever organized or co-organized a global health project?

* 3. What challenges do you feel exist in setting up an effective global health project?

* 4. How easily available is information in the following areas when either organizing global health projects or evaluating projects to work on?

  1-Information is Not Available 2 3-Information is Somewhat Available 4 5-Information is Easily Available N/A
Target population
Project locations (geography, infrastructure)
Health facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.) at project location
Successes and/or challenges of past projects
Experiences of past volunteers/workers

* 5. Rate the usefulness of the following information sources when researching for global health projects.

  1-Not Useful 2 3-Neutral 4 5-Very Useful N/A
Published journal articles
Global health websites
Internet research/searches
Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Friends or colleagues
Experiences of past volunteers/workers

* 6. Are you interested in networking with other volunteers/workers who go abroad for global health projects?

* 7. How much experience do you have in global health work?

* 8. If you would like to know more about Women's Global Health Network or learn about opportunities to get involved, please include your information below or send an email to contactus@wghn.org.