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Dear Participant,

My name is Whitney Hagen. I am currently a graduate student at Towson University. The purpose of this survey is to examine the factors that influence women’s career development. All participants must be WOMEN, enrolled in college / university, and identify or describe themselves as having same-sex interests.

Participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose to participate in this study, please complete the following online survey. The survey takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. You may discontinue your participation at any time simply by clicking "Exit Survey" in the upper right hand corner. There are no negative consequences for choosing to participate or not to participate in this research study. There are no known personal risks associated with participation in this research project.

While there are no direct benefits to you, we hope that the results of this study will reveal something about the influences of women's sexual identities, degree of self-disclosure, and attachment on their career developments. Once collected, all information about your responses will be anonymous. All participants’ answers will be assigned a number code. Your name can never be linked to your responses.

If you have any questions about the project, you may contact the principal investigator, Whitney Hagen at whagen1@towson.edu, the co-investigator, Dr. M. Paz Galupo at (410) 704-3931 or pgalupo@towson.edu, or the Chairperson of Towson University’s Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Participants, Dr. Patricia M. Alt, at (410) 704-2236. This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Towson University.

Thank you for your time.


Whitney Hagen
Master’s Student
Towson University
Department of Psychology

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* 1. I have read the above passage and would like to complete the survey. If you would like to discontinue your participation, please choose "Exit Survey" in the right hand corner.