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* 1. List three reasons for making technology use a priority at your site. For ease of reading, be sure to number each reason you provide.

* 2. What are the leadership challenges you anticipate as you seek to use technology in a more purposeful way to address school improvement priorities? How do you anticipate managing these challenges?

* 3. In which of the CPS Principal Competencies do you anticipate needing the most support regarding using technology as a tool? (Refer to handout to review the CPS Principal Competencies.)

* 4. Explain how you can use the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) as you revise your SIPAAA to engage students and increase learning in the priority areas of literacy and mathematics.

* 5. List the two Essential Conditions that you need to keep in mind this year as you infuse technology use in your revised SIPAAA. For ease of reading, number each Essential Condition you list.