Introduction and Context

Ending violence against Indigenous women is a priority for First Nations in Canada, and we welcome the commitment of other governments to work with us to achieve safety and security for all. With the intent of developing a coordinated action plan to save the lives of Indigenous women and girls, National Aboriginal organizations and provincial and territorial governments will come together for a roundtable discussion currently scheduled for February 2015. The federal government will also be invited to participate. The goal of the National Roundtable is to identify solutions and develop a sustained and committed dialogue to implement meaningful and effective solutions that will lead to ending violence against Indigenous women and girls.

This National Roundtable is just one step in our collective journey toward achieving safety and security for First Nations families. It is not the only opportunity for dialogue, and it is not the only part of our advocacy efforts. It is, however a tangible opportunity to get all parties to the table. This is why we are urging the federal government to take part, and why we also want to hear from you.

The Assembly of First Nations has heard your concerns through forums, assemblies, and social media. We have heard from victims and family members who have bravely shared their stories. AFN leadership and staff will be taking forward specific priorities and recommendations for action based on the stories and information we have gathered over many years and based on the AFN national action plan to end violence against Indigenous women and girls.

We all have a responsibility to ensure the Roundtable is useful. And that is why we want to hear from you. We invite you to take part in this short survey to ensure your voice is added to the many others in making the pledge to end violence.