* 1. Please help us improve the Boneshaker Pace Bend 10K! Give us a little information about yourself or remain anonymous.

* 2. Overall, how satisfied were you with the 2017 Pace Bend 10K?

* 3. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Number Pick-Up at Ready to Run?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied were you with race operations? (ie. registration, packet pickup, customer service, Boneshaker Project communication)

* 5. Please provide feedback based on your race day experience.

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Merchandise Options
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* 6. While it's still fresh on your mind, what was your favorite part about the race? Think we can improve Pace Bend 10K? Seen something cool at other races that we could implement?

* 7. Your race participation benefits our mission to inspire kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Which of the following ways would you consider contributing to Boneshaker Project? (please check all that apply)

* 8. How likely are you to join us again for Pace Bend 10K 2018?