UNAHA Methamphetamine Summit in Conjunction with Annual Meeting
April 11-12, 2017
Denver, CO 

For over one year, UNAHA has been responding to its membership's concerns regarding the devastation they are experiencing from this epidemic.  The UNAHA Officers have decided to focus on the issue at the upcoming annual meeting.

Two days will be focused on the problem in an effort to inform our members of the best approach to identifying use, education of the public, law enforcement, mitigation and impacts on affordable housing operations.

In an effort to encourage as much participation as possible from our members and to assure we get the best, up to date information and strategies in front of our members, UNAHA has planned a series of conference calls, open to our members, their tribes, agencies and others.
The first was held January 19th.  We had a surprising number of participants!  Over 30 concerned housing professionals, commissioners, tribal leaders and providers shared over an hour of ideas and resources.  Some of the early ideas that were shared:
  • Some tribes are having success with a citizens Meth advisory council
  • It is important to get tribal elected leaders on board with strategy and to admit that we have a serious problem, we can then start to make progress
  • Several tribes have passed ordinances banishing tribal members and non-members for manufacturing and sales
  • It was reported that only 12 Federally recognized tribes have adopted codes to address meth
Call participants have agreed to break the two day training into four components:
  1. Presentation from Law Enforcement, Medical Providers, and Cultural Experts: This session would attempt to separate fact from fiction and provide some actual numbers and impacts.
  2. Policy Enactment that has Proven Successful in Addressing Meth: In this session, we will attempt to share real world reaction to Meth epidemic from other populations and entities.
  3. Mitigation – Practical and Expert: Funding mitigation, making our communities aware of how they can get involved and help, and affordable mitigation practices will be the focus of the training on the morning of the second day. We also want to follow up on the awareness of New HUD Secretary Carson regarding our issues prompted by Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s questions to him during confirmation hearings.  Federal involvement and funding is critical.
  4. Success Stories and Survivor Stories: We want participants leaving the summit with hope.  Hearing from tribes regarding success stories and stories of members that have overcome Meth addiction seemed like a positive way to end the summit.
UNAHA understands that this summit will likely be the beginning of our efforts.  We need every one of our members to participate in what-ever manner possible. We are going to provide two ways for you to get involved and stay involved:

Participate in this online UNAHA Survey regarding these four Summit topics. This brief survey will assist us in identifying presenters for the Denver summit.

Participate in our next Conference Call on February 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM Central Time and 1:00 Mountain time. Call in information - # 515-739-1270 Access Code 688141#.

Thank you for your participation.