The University of Alabama History Department Website Survey

Dear Friends of the History Department,

We would like your advice as we overhaul our website. Please look over our current site ( and fill out the brief form below with any suggestions.

Thank you and Roll Tide!

* 1. What is your relationship to the History Department?

* 2. What current website content should be retained for the new site?

* 3. What current website content do you find unnecessary and a fit subject for deletion?

* 4. If you were the webmaster, what functions, features, and/or content would you place on the site? (Assuming it’s not there already.)

* 5. From your knowledge of departmental websites at both UA and other institutions (their history departments, especially), what features do they include that you would like to see included on our site? (Please include the URL for the noted sites.)

* 6. Other – suggestions/ideas not addressed previously.