IDT wants to hear from you. We appreciate your feedback, and your opinions mean a lot to us. Please take a few moments to fill out our survey.

* 1. How long have you been an IDT customer?

* 2. Why did you choose IDT as your phone service provider?

* 3. What type of phone service did you sign up for with IDT? Please check all that apply.

* 4. How do you access the Internet?

* 5. Which of these products would you consider if IDT offered it/them to you? Please check all that apply.

* 6. Over the last 6 months, have you received another offer to switch to a different telephone carrier?

* 7. Which company/companies contacted you?

* 8. How did they contact you?

* 9. Would you recommend IDT to a friend if you received a $20 credit for your referral of a new account?

* 10. Did you sign up for IDT’s paperless billing option?

* 11. Are you aware of the IDT Online Account Center to manage your account?

* 12. Do you think you will use the Online Account Center to manage your account?

* 13. If you had an account issue, would you be more likely to use IDT’s Online Customer Service, or to call an IDT Customer Service Representative?

* 14. Have you ever called IDT Customer Service? If no, skip to # 18.

* 15. What was your call regarding?

* 16. Was your issue resolved?

* 17. How did you find the IDT Customer Service representative? Please check all that apply.

* 18. Do you call internationally?

* 19. Why don’t you call internationally?

* 20. How do you call internationally?

* 21. What country/countries do you call most often?

* 22. We value you as a customer, and your feedback is very essential in helping us enhance our products and services. Is there any other feedback that you would like to provide?

* 23. Would you be interested in e-mail communications from IDT about specials and new services?

* 24. If so, what is your e-mail address?

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.