SiliconAlley NYTechDay Sweepstakes

Thank you for visiting the SiliconAlley at NYTechDay. We're giving away one free tablet. The winner gets to pick either an iPad or Android. But you have to finish this survey to complete your entry.

* 1. Which role best describes you or your company?

* 2. What do you do?

* 3. Who is your hosting provider?

* 4. Please describe your current hosting situation:

  Yes No
Are you happy with your hosting provider?
Does your hosting provider offer 24/7 telephone support?

* 5. Please describe your web site testing and staging server needs:

  Yes No
Are you involved in testing your website?
Do you actively use a staging server or test server for your website?
Are you both responsible and interested in new testing solutions?

* 6. Please describe your online payment needs:

  Yes No
Do you accept credit card payments from your clients?
Are you aware of the reasons to use credit cards in your business?
Would you like to learn about a new lower cost credit card solution to accept customer payments?

* 7. Are you available for a phone interview and give permission for us to quote you?

* 8. Are you interested in attending focus groups relating to your expertise? Note: Food and/or other consideration will be paid.

* 9. Please enter additional comments. We are looking for both columnists and people to interview about Silicon Alley's rapidly changing startup and internet scene:

* 10. If you win, tell us where we should send your tablet.