On Tuesday, September 3, The Democratic candidates running for Mayor of Rochester will take part in the televised "Voice of the Voter" debate. The debate will take place one week before the Democratic primary on September 10.

You can be part of the debate and have your voice heard. If you have a question for the candidates, fill out the survey below. We will be picking a few city residents to be part of the televised debate.

Note: In order for you or your question to be considered, you must be a city resident and a registered Democrat.

* Please enter your information below. This information will be required in order to have your question considered for the debate.

* Would you be interested in recording your question on camera, so the candidates can answer the question during the televised debate?

* What question would you like to ask both Democratic candidates running for the office of Mayor in the City of Rochester. (Note: You are asking the same question to both candidates)