NCTCOG Center of Development Excellence 2018 Regional Survey

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) would like to gather input from our member governments and other stakeholders about the Center of Development Excellence.
What is the Center of Development Excellence?
The goal of the Center of Development Excellence is for North Texas to be a region where residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy a built environment that creates a true sense of place; uses water, energy, and environmental resources effectively and efficiently; protects a diversity of habitats; reduces vehicle miles traveled (VMT); and supports public health and quality of life.
To achieve these goals, regional leaders have adopted Principles of Development Excellence and NCTCOG carries out various strategic initiatives to support the 12 principles, and the Center of Development Excellence. These include the CLIDE Awards Program, a Library of Technical Tools, a Regional Case Studies map, support for Vision North Texas, education/outreach activities,  the North Central Texas Stewardship Forum, and many others.
NCTCOG would like to learn more about what needs your organization may have, what resources would be beneficial to your organization, and what strategic initiatives the NCTCOG could consider to address those needs. 
It is estimated that this survey will take about 10 minutes. 
Please forward to other colleagues as needed. NCTCOG values the input from a diverse representation of regional industries and topics (e.g. developers, healthcare, planners, education, housing, real estate, etc.) 
Please complete this survey by June 27, 2018

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. How would you characterize your community today?

* 3. Based on development patterns and the future land use plan, how would you expect to characterize your community in 20 years?

* 4. Have you heard of the Center of Development Excellence?

* 5. Have you heard of, or are you aware of, Vision North Texas?

* 6. If you participated in, or are familiar with, the Center of Development Excellence, what do you think has been the most beneficial tool?

* 7. If you participated in, or are familiar with, the Vision North Texas process, what do you think has been the most beneficial outcome/process?

* 8. What are your top challenges in your community? If you represent an organization that is not a city, what do you think are the top challenges in the region? Select top 5

* 9. Please let us know your interest level in the following potential Center of Development Excellence activities that NCTCOG could potentially pursue depending on availability of resources.

  Very uninterested Somewhat uninterested Neutral Somewhat interested Very interested
Technical resources such as toolkits and resource clearinghouses
Case studies
Guest speakers
Cooperative purchases
Studies and reports
Implementation of Vision North Texas Action Items
Regional recognition and/or designation program
Benchmarking Regional Indicators
Contracting with NCTCOG for community-specific assistance
Coordinate Regional Initiatives or topic-based Task Forces for collaborative advancement

* 10. Please rank your level of interest in the following on-going Center of Development Excellence activities from greatest to least,  one (1) being most interested, five (5) being least interested.

* 11. Provide comments and specific examples related to the activities selected above. For example, what kinds of training and training topics would you be interested in? What types of technical resources would be of most value to you?

* 12. If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please include them below.