Welcome to the "Promoting Innovations in EMS" Project - Preliminary Survey.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information and knowledge from a myriad of diverse stakeholders (both within and beyond the EMS community) about challenges and obstacles to innovation in EMS. The word innovation refers to any attempt to implement a new idea, a new policy, a new procedure, a new intervention, a new care pathway, or a new technology, into an existing EMS system.

Tell us about both success stories as well as unsuccessful attempts. Focus on the barriers or obstacles you faced and how they were overcome (or why they could not be overcome). Then tell us what lessons you have learned so that other communities can benefit.

If you have not previously worked with EMS but are a potential stakeholder (e.g. Home Health, Primary Care Provider), use the space provided in the questions to describe potential ways in which you imaging working with EMS and perceived challenges or obstacles.

On behalf of the Project Leadership & Steering Committee, thanks again for your time and participation in this important project.