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Responses to KWA’s request for residents’ input regarding special event permit parking indicate that street parking problems exist in some areas and not in others. Further, the kinds of parking problems appear to vary depending on location. The Parking Committee asks you to complete this questionnaire, providing your name and address, in order to assess the issue in a systematic way. The goal is 1) to determine locales where intervention might be helpful and 2) to provide useful data to City officials who might assist with recommendations and possible implementation of specific interventions for these locations. Please complete and click the done button below. We want to know what you think and what you experience. Your response is greatly appreciated.

* 1. Name and Address

* 2. Do you have or observe problems, inconveniences, concerns about parking near your home or elsewhere in the neighborhood?

* 3. Do you own this home?

* 4. If you already have City-restricted street parking in front of or beside your home, please describe location and type of restriction and comment on its impact:

* 5. Please describe any problems, inconveniences or concerns about the parking situation

* 6. If you have concerns or problems, when do these occur? Are they

* 7. Please describe frequency and timing of problems:

* 8. Your thoughts about useful solutions or resolutions for the above problems

* 9. For your street only, please indicate your preference:

* 10. For the King William neighborhood as a whole, please indicate your preference(s):