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* 1. Hi Beautiful, thank you for your interest in joining The SoulFUEL® Experience! I am so excited to get to know you through your responses. What is your first name?

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* 2. What is your last name?

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* 3. What is your email? (Please double check for accuracy.)

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* 4. What is your phone number with area code? If outside the United States please provide your Skype ID if you have one.

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* 5. What's your magic in the world? Who do you work with? What transformation and experience do you take your clients through, and where are they coming from? What's working and lighting you up?

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* 6. Please share your vision for yourself for the next 12 months. Be as specific as feels expansive in terms of business, lifestyle, love, family, community, etc.

Don't forget to have a blast with this.

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* 7. What is your average monthly income? What is your 6-12 month revenue goal?

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* 8. What gets you most excited about joining The SoulFUEL® Experience? Where do you feel are your blindspots or current areas with the MOST room for improvement? Where are you most looking forward to receiving coaching from Wendy and the rest of the community?

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* 9. The heart of the SoulFUEL® Experience is transformational coaching and customized strategy you'll receive through dialed in, hands on feedback from Wendy and the other embodied women in business.

Our masterminds and hot seat coaching calls, alongside our VERY inspiring private community are the centerpiece of the experience! That being said... we give you access to our entire Client Attraction course Vault, so you can dive in like Netflix if you desire to. You have all the material to run with yourself and come to coaching to clarify and apply to your specific ideas and business!

Which premium program are you most excited about diving into? It's okay if you don't know yet, you'll receive access to everything!

(SoulFUEL Discovery, Messaging Mastery, ILOVE: Feminine Sales, Cash Flow NOW, The Rising Leader, RocketFUEL Launch: Email List Build, Content & Consistency Queen, Fun Brave Experiments, Organized & Free!, Client Onramp, The Idea Lab AND MORE...)?

You also get a Private Ascension Planning & Kick Off Call to help you know where to begin and how to map out your plan.

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* 10. The SoulFUEL® Experience is a year-long high touch Mastermind and coaching experience that becomes a close sisterhood. Wendy gives hands on coaching and creates a personal relationship with every woman. Please share what you would bring to the group!

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* 11. What is your bigger WHY for showing up? What makes now the time for you to join The SoulFUEL® Experience? 

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* 12. If you wanted to come up with money to invest in yourself that could 10x your results, what would your situation be?

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* 13. Please tell us, what value do you feel you would add to the group?

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* 14. A run down of what's included in your year that starts JANUARY 29, 2024 and the option for you to pick your Investment level if accepted:

✨At least TWO Laser Coaching [led by me] Hot Seat Mastermind LIVE calls per month - $35k value
- THIS is the GOLD. Direct, dialed in, laser coaching - the ONE nugget you go implement and adds $10,000, 50,000, 100,000 to your bottom line. These are things you can't learn in a training. I am CUSTOMIZING strategy for you, not just giving you more information.

✨ MONTHLY Marketing Copy Coaching Calls - $10k value

✨Quarterly Challenges that keep you on your toes! - $15k value

✨Entire Client Attraction Course Vault - $25k value

>>> Client Success Stories are here:  

>>> And more here: 

✨ Private 1x1 Ascension Planning & Kick Off Call to map out how to use the SoulFUEL Experience this year including which courses to do in the Client Attraction Course Vault - $500 value

✨New live experiences and programs - $20k value
- I am invested heavily in my growth, I always have new things to teach and share with you so we can grow together and then customize inside coaching.

✨Private community hoppin' and poppin' all day and night - priceless

✨Bonuses and first access to retreats, memories and sisterhood for a lifetime - priceless

TOTAL VALUE: $105,500

If we decide this is a match, you will have 2 options to enroll: Save almost $2,000 when you Invest-In-Full ($9,997) or choose the Installment Plan ($997/mo for 12 months).

Please indicate which option you'd like to go with below if we decide it's a great fit!

>>>> Those who apply by January 19th also get FOUR Bonus Private 1x1 Coaching Calls to be used once per quarter. ($4,000 Value)

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* 15. Is there anything else you want Wendy or her team to know? Please feel free to openly comment in the box below. 

We will review your application within the next 48 business hours and reach out with next steps! Thank you for sharing! We appreciate you so much.