Currently John Pirie Secondary School has supported students with providing devices for use in their day to day class work. Many of these devices are now at the end of their working life and whilst they still work are slowing beginning to struggle with the demands of use.


A BYOD program is a way of continuing to provide students with access to devices for their day to day class work plus giving students access to a device away from school. These devices are an essential part of education where more and more learning is available online. In this context, the ‘device’ refers to a piece of hardware that is wireless internet enables and has to capacity to open and edit documents, videos and multimedia files for use in the classroom. There are various models for BYOD that schools have implemented and we are gathering data in order to develop a model that will work for a John Pirie Secondary School.


To help John Pirie Secondary School assess the viability of a BYOD policy at our school and the most appropriate option for our school community please complete the following questions.