Hello! Thank you for your interest in teaming up with the next generation to impact our planet!

After reviewing your application, we may touch base for a brief call to get to know you a bit more, explain how the program works and go through Mentor Day in depth. We will confirm if you are a match, and who your GTL is, by Monday, February 5, 2018.  You can then accept or decline participation.

If you are selected as a Mentor, we do our best to match you with one of your top 3 GTL choices. We also match based on the GTLs’ needs and goals for their work, and the Mentors’ passions and expertise.

Please be aware that Mentors are responsible for traveling to and from Mentor Day in NYC on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Mentors are required to be present for the entire Mentor Day. We will explain the schedule to you on the phone!

Please carefully read each question on the application and answer honestly. Make sure you have time to complete the application once you have started, as there is no option to save and continue at a later time. If you have any questions, please contact Ali Caplan at 

"Three Dot Dash does an amazing job of bringing the right caliber of professionals together who all compliment each other. Mentoring becomes so much easier when you have likeminded people participating. You realize early on that you will take away just as much from the program, if not more, than you contribute."  3-time Mentor Milton Speid, TED Partnerships