TSG Multimedia is a video production company specializing in railroad themed subjects. In addition to railroad-themed topics, we also provide videography services for the public including corporate and special events, weddings, real estate aids, and more.
TSG Multimedia is conducting this brief survey to better understand the preferences of our devoted audience. In appreciation of your time and input, TSG Multimedia will be awarding the following:


1. Everyone who enters will receive a discount code that will take 20% off any order being placed on the website.

2. Three lucky winners will receive one DVD completely free of charge. They can choose one from the following titles:
   • Caltrain 2005
   • ACE: Stockton to San Jose
   • Shasta Steam
   • 2472 in Niles Canyon
   • Steamfest II 2010

3. One lucky “Grand Prize” winner will receive all five DVD titles.

Good Luck!

* 1. On average, I tend to watch TSG Multi videos in the?

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* 3. What is the ideal run time for a TSG video on YouTube?

* 4. How likely are you to buy a product or service recommended by TSG Multimedia?

* 5. So that we can notify those who won, please provide us with the following:

At TSG Multimedia, we recognize that your privacy is very important, and we are committed to protecting personal information we collect from you. Information you provide will never be shared or sold.