* 1. If given the choice, would you rather wait in line at a busy department store to purchase holiday gifts or:

* 2. What option do you consider to be the worst?

* 3. What would you give up for the opportunity to bypass every line and head right to checkout at busy retail outlets this holiday shopping season:

* 4. What about going to a mall during the holidays appeals to you:

* 5. On average, how many gifts do you return each holiday season?

* 6. Of those gifts, who is most likely to be the gifter?

* 7. Do you feel obligated to purchase a holiday gift for your boss?

* 8. I would most likely re-gift something I was given that I didn’t like to:

* 9. If someone gifted you free shipping on all your online purchases this year, would you consider that to be:

* 10. What is the absolute maximum you would spend on shipping in order to receive your holiday gifts on time (assuming you purchased them online from an e-retailer)?

* 11. What is the most you’ve shelled out for last-minute shipping on holiday gifts?

* 12. During the holiday shopping season, do you think you spend an additional $79 across a combination of factors including parking, gas, gift wrap, shipping, etc.?

* 13. If you could avoid the long lines in the mall, but you had to do all of your holiday shopping in your underwear, would you?

* 14. On average, for each holiday shopping trip how much time do you spend circling mall parking lots?

* 15. What could you get done in 20 minutes?

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