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* 1. I want to expand my business through Collaboration

* 2. What is your business result oriented experiences when working with United States Commercial Services in USA and around the world (response to inquiries within 48 hours)?

* 3. What is your "business result oriented experiences" when working with DBEDT in Hawaii, Beijing and Taipei (response to inquiries within 48 hours)?

* 4. Which of the following Countries/Cities that you can do business in English without speaking a foreign language (Where English is also the official language for trade and business)?

* 5. Which of the following Country/City handle more 40% of Direct Investments into China?

* 6. Which Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii focus in promoting businesses between Hawaii, North America, Hong Kong and China through collaboration with 15 international partners with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Honolulu and Shanghai winning the top (national) 2008 U. S. Small Business Administration honor?

* 7. Which Chamber of Commerce provide daily update of Asian business news with special focus on Hong Kong and China?

* 8. Please contact us by sending us an email to info@hkchcc.org or by providing us with the following information:
1) Name
2) Title
3) Company Name
4) Contact Phone Number
5) Contact Email Address