Thank You For Your Suggestion

Thank you for taking time to submit your suggestion for improving the Department. Every suggestion will be thoroughly vetted and given consideration. The first step in submitting your suggestion is to complete this form which will be submitted to the Chief's Office. The Chief's Office will review the suggestion and assign a Staff Member to work with the person submitting the suggestion to gather any more information that may be needed to consider the suggestion for implementation. Gaining the support of your officer(s) is an important part of the suggestion process. Making your officer(s) aware of your submission is suggested, but not required. Anonymous suggestions are accepted, but, those submitting anonymous suggestions should be aware that an anonymous suggestion is submitted simply "as is" and, without a person to contact for questions and further information, the chances of successful implementation of an anonymous suggestion are much lower than one that is accompanied by the name of the person making the suggestion.

Members who include their name with their submission will be advised on the status of their suggestion.

If you wish to involve your officer(s) prior to submitting your suggestion, you can also submit your suggestion directly through your officer(s) via a memo or email with responses to the same questions as below. The Officer should review it and submit it to their respective Battalion Chief with a recommendation if they feel it should be moved forward for consideration.

Rules for Suggestions
1) Suggestions must not reduce the level of service to the public.
2) A suggestion without a proposed solution will not be considered.
3) Grievances from employees should not be managed through this process. Reference the Labor Agreement and/or Personnel Manual on how to deal with those issues.

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