* 1. How did you learn about this year's Adult Winter Read program? Choose all that apply.

* 2. Next year, would you like the program to run January-March or December-March?

* 3. For next year's prizes, would you rather have a grand prize drawing (like this year) or earn prizes based on levels reached? (Ex: 5 books read = book mark & candy; 10 books read = coffee mug; etc.)

* 4. Do you have any suggestions for possible prizes for next year? If so, please share them below.

* 5. Would you like the program to be more in-depth? For example, you could only count books that were read from a certain genre or from a pre-selected list.

* 6. One more question before you go: What did you enjoy about the program? Also, please share any suggestions that would help to improve the Adult Winter Read Program for next year?