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* 1. Please select the one which best describes your level of computer experience:

* 2. Which of the following tools have you used?

* 3. I'd like to know about the ways in which you may already be publishing your work or sharing your ideas with the world. Which of the following activities do you do?

* 4. Please select the statement which most closely describes your attitude about using computers in the arts.

* 5. Please provide some demographic information.

* 6. What is a computer?

* 7. What are computers good at doing, and what are they bad at doing? What are computers good for, and what do computers make more difficult? (Please be specific.)

* 8. Of the new possibilities which the computer makes possible for artists, which, if any, might be interesting to you? Why?

* 9. What is the most interesting artwork you've seen that was created with a computer, and why?