Onemda Flexible Service Options

In order for Onemda to be responsive to changing needs, we have established a Services Reorientation Team. The team’s key focus is to minimise the impact of COVID19 on our services by exploring a range of flexible support and learning options to help provide continuity of support for our participants, families and carers.

The team have designed a range of more flexible, nimble and responsive service options to enable much needed services to continue to be delivered. These include:
  • In home Supports: Exploring flexible outreach service options within people’s homes.
  • Online Individual: Establishing a range of technology support platforms such as telehealth, online learning and virtual engagement initiatives.
  • Online Group: Establishing a range of learning programs and support delivered via technology platforms such as online classrooms and virtual engagement activities.   
NOTE: On Campus day placement activities – temporarily suspended: Strictly modified on-campus day activities for families and carers who require this as an essential service.  We will advise when this service can resume.

We would appreciate your feedback about which services you believe could best help support the person in your care during this time and to assist our planning. A member of our team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss any areas of interest.

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In order to continue to support participants, we have devised a range of flexible CORE service options.
Please tick YES for the support options you would be interested in exploring further and NO if you are not interested in this service (you can select more than one). 

In-home support - 1:1 learning and support programs based on individual needs, interests and goals (min 3hrs)
In-home family support - 1:1 family support such as shopping and errands (min 3hrs)
Online individual program - 1:1 learning and support via digital platform catering to individual needs, interests and goals (note - will require digital technology to participate in this program)
Online group activities - interactive session with a focus on connectivity, catering to individual needs, interests and goals (note - will require digital technology to participant in this program)
We are currently self-isolating and would like to pause services. I will contact you when I am ready to resume service.

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We are offering 3 options for the delivery of therapy, including on-site at Onemda, at home and remotely utilising technology.  
Please select the support options which you feel could be applicable to you (you can select more than one).
OT- Occupational Therapy. SP- Speech Pathology. EP- Exercise Physiology. PT- Physio Therapy. AHA- Allied Health Assistant

On site at Onemda
In person at home
Remotely via telephone
Remotely using technology (telehealth/video conferencing)
We don't currently use Onemda therapy but would like to explore therapy in the areas of...
We are currently self-isolating and would like to pause service. I will contact you when we wish to resume services.

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* 6. PLANNING SUPPORT: NDIS have recognised that participants and families may need extra support planning for their needs over the next few months, and have introduced greater flexibility to enable this.

Would you like to discuss the potential need for additional planning support from Onemda?
This team can also help with setting up technology for video conferencing support. Would you like someone from our Support Coordination team to contact you regarding this?