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* 27. John Paul College—Twilight Market 2018

Terms & Conditions—Market Stallholders

Stall Fee
· Stall fee is $50
· The Stall Fee covers the site only – the Stallholder must provide their own equipment
· Full payment of the Stall Fee must be made by Friday 2nd February 2018
· Payment of the Stall Fee may be paid by cheque, credit card, cash or EFTPOS.
· Bookings will only be secured once the Stall Fee has been received
· A written confirmation of the booking will be provided by John Paul College
· The Stall Fee is non-refundable

Trading Hours & Stall Set Up
· The Market will operate from 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Thursday 15th March 2018
· Stall set-up may commence from 2:30pm
· Stallholders must be ready to trade by 4:00pm and must continue to trade until 8.00pm
· Stall allocation is at the discretion of John Paul College
· Standard size allocation of stalls is 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres. If you require more space, please contact the college.
 · There will be limited capacity for vehicles within the school grounds and it is preferred that all equipment be walked in

· The Twilight Market is an indoor / outdoor event and will operate in all conditions except if the weather is considered too dangerous (at the absolute discretion of John Paul College).
· John Paul College will make every endeavour to assist Stallholders in the case of inclement weather, Stallholders are advised to prepare to set-up and operate in varying weather conditions – including heat, rain or high winds
· John Paul College will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from adverse weather

· It is a mandatory requirement of all stallholders to have a current Working With Children’s Check.
· John Paul College has Public Liability Insurance for the event but Stallholders are recommended to have their own Public Liability Insurance
· Stallholders selling personal care and cosmetic products are required to have their own product insurance - a copy of the certificate of currency must be provided to the School with the Booking Form
· The Stallholder is responsible for ensuring all products comply with relevant Australian safety and compliance standards and are fit for the purpose
· Food Stallholders must comply with local, state and federal health regulations and food acts
· Home cooked goods and produce offered for sale must be prepared in a Registered Kitchen and be wrapped & labelled with the Stallholder's name and address
· Stallholders are not permitted to sell any item deemed by John Paul College at its absolute discretion to be offensive, illegal or prohibited

· Smoking, alcohol and animals are not permitted within the grounds of John Paul College
· Stallholders must ensure equipment is erected securely, maintained and appropriately weighed down at all times, so as not to endanger any person or property
· Stall Equipment must remain within the allocated Stall site
· Public access ways must remain clear at all times
· Stallholders must ensure that their activities do not endanger the safety or security of people or property

The Stallholder acknowledges and agrees that John Paul College is not liable for any claim or loss suffered or incurred by the Stallholder in relation to or in connection with:
· Theft or damage of products, equipment or goods under the control of the Stallholder
· Failure by the Stallholder to sell products
· Any journey from or to the market
If the Stallholder commits a gross breach of these Terms and Conditions or does or omits to do any act or thing which results in danger to other Stallholders or the public, the Stallholder will be given notice by John Paul College and must vacate the Twilight Market immediately.

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