1. tell us what you think is wrong with the Election Comission

This survey aims to raise questions about the 8 days left to fix the huge mismanaged eligible voter list database. The numbers to call are 8129325 and 9129033 , find your names and make sure someone else is not going to get a free ride on your ballot. Call your commisioner now http://www.dhakacity.org/html/about_dcc.html

* 1. What is the population of Bangladesh?

* 2. How many are eligible voter (above the age of 18)?

* 3. How many have the Election Commision filed on the database as eligible voters

* 4. What do you think about this article taken from the daily star May9,2006(http://www.thedailystar.net/2006/05/09/d6050901011.htm)?

JS session debates on voter list controversy
Opposition demands cancellation of ''faked'' roll; treasury bench asks it to go to EC
Staff Correspondent

Parliament yesterday witnessed a lively debate on recently published draft voter list when the opposition lawmakers demanded cancellation of the "fake" list and the treasury bench members urged them to lodge complaints with the Election Commission (EC).

The Awami League (AL) lawmakers alleged that the draft list contains about two crore "fake voters" and it has been made as part of the ruling four-party alliance''s "election engineering" to snatch victory in the next general election.
They apprehended that the country might face a constitutional crisis if the election is held on the basis on such "erroneous" lists.

The opposition lawmakers urged the government to ask the chief election commissioner and other commissioners to resign for their failure in making a fair electoral roll.

But the treasury bench members, in reply, said the government was not involved in voter list preparation and it was absolutely a matter of the EC.

"This is not a matter of the government. The Election Commission is constitutionally independent and we can''t remove the election commissioners," Law Minister Moudud Ahmed said during the two-hour unscheduled debate after the Magrib break.

"If there is any irregularities in the voter list, law will take its own course," the minister said urging the opposition to involve their field level workers to make the draft an accurate one.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Abdul Hamid, however, said the government''s political will is enough to resolve such crisis.

Earlier, senior AL lawmaker Suranjit Sengupta, initiating the debate, said there is no possibility of a fair election with such huge number of fake voters. He apprehended a constitutional crisis if any election is held in compliance with the faulty list.

"Growth of voters in the recently released draft list is about 4.4 per cent, compared to the last voter list while our population growth is only 1.4 percent," he pointed out.

Referring to the High Court directives on voter list preparation, Suranjit said as a constitutional body the EC should respect the High Court order to revise the last voter lists instead of making a new one.

The AL lawmaker also urged the government to take step so that the CEC and the "controversial" election commissioners resign. "There will be no free and fair election with the present election commissioners," he added.

Taking part in the debate, Shipping Minister Akbar Hossain urged the opposition to file complaints with the EC if they have reservations about the draft list.

The minister requested the EC to go for a massive campaign by displaying the lists at grassroots level so that the left-out eligible people could get their names listed and at the same time the fake names, if there be any, are excluded.

"The list should be displayed at all Union Parishad offices," he said.

The minister however expressed doubt about the census report and said, "We have been hearing the number of total population 14 crore for the last two years."

AL lawmakers Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, Mohammad Nasim and Krishak Sramik Janata League lawmaker Kader Siddiqui also criticised the voter list and demanded the government''s statement in the House on the list.

Selim said the CEC had taken unilateral decision to prepare a fresh voter list ignoring the directives of the High Court. He asked the government to take legal action against the CEC for wasting huge public money for preparing such a "fake" voter list.

Referring to the draft voter list, he said, "The list shows there are only four voters in two villages of Rajbari district."

"Even many of our lawmakers have not been listed," he added.

Mohammad Nasim said, "The chief election commissioner has deprived genuine voters of their constitutional rights and included about two crore fake voters to help the BNP-Jamaat-led coalition to rig the polls."

He demanded revision of the previous voter list, which was prepared in 2001 in line with the High Court directives.

* 5. There has been reporting of a Voter ID card program started by the chairman of Sitakundo,which is going to work as an identity card in his constituency (cost taka 10). What do you think about this idea? Is this going to solve our fake voters on the list problem or is there too much priivacy issues here? Should the government give out passports that will function as ID cards?

* 6. The media has huge responsibility for the next week and a half on spreading the message so everyone who is not on the list can get themselves on the list. Mr Zokoria, of the EC has gone as far to say that there will be plenty of oppurtunity to get those not on the list even the day before the election? Do you trust what this guy says? why not?

* 7. Do you know which Voter Kendro you need to go to give your vote?