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Fall adult education classes will be starting up soon!  The studies are done in small groups, meeting weekly, both in-person and through Zoom.
There are two classes to choose from.
The Gospel of Mark: Beginner's  Guide to the Good News  
6 sessions starting in September
Discover the Good News in the Bible’s earliest Gospel
Walk through the Bible’s earliest source for the life of Jesus with scholar Amy-Jill Levine as she examines John the Baptizer, the Little Apocalypse, the Transfiguration, and several of Jesus's most notable stories and parables. The Good News of the gospel message comes alive in this book as readers see Jesus as divine and human, powerful and weak, approachable yet mysterious. The book features an in-depth study of select passages and illuminates the Gospel in its historical context and as a source for the other gospels
Christian History Made Easy
8 Sessions starting in October
Curious about your "family history"? In this fascinating study, Pastor Henry offers an upbeat, Christ-centered overview. Meet world-changers like Constantine and Martin Luther; learn how we got the Bible that we read today; discover how the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches came to be; and more. 

Books are available for purchase through the church or on Amazon
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