Student Employment Survey

The Office of Career Services at North Carolina A&T State University would like to hear from you regarding your employment plans. Data you provide WILL NOT be shared with the public. Only the summary tabulation of the responses will be used.

* 1. Please answer the following:

* 2. If you have accepted full-time employment upon graduation, answer the following:

* 3. If you have accepted an internship or co-op, answer the following:

* 4. What is the total number of on-campus interviews you had during the academic school year?

* 5. If you received other offers, list the employer name/s and offer amount.

* 6. Did you attend any plant visits? (If so, name the company/agency and location.)

* 7. During your matriculation, did you participate in an internship or co-op experience? (If so, list the company or agency name/s.)

* 8. If you will be attending graduate or professional school in the academic year immediately following graduation, please answer the following:

* 9. How useful was the Office of Career Services in assisting with your post-graduation plans? (Note: Career Services resources are available to alumni.)

* 10. If you checked 'not at all useful,' what are your suggestions for OCS improvement?

* 11. Do you need further assistance from this office? (If yes, update your online AggieLink account at

Thank you for your responses and best wishes in your endeavors. It's been a pleasure serving you!

Aggie Pride!

The Career Services Staff