In 2014, like 2013, the RIBA will run a national programme of CPD seminars that complements the new RIBA Core Curriculum: 10 seminars covering each of the 10 Core Curriculum subject areas.

In order to tailor the RIBA 2014 CPD programme for our delegates, we would appreciate your feedback on the following questions. We would be grateful if you could please take three minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire and return it to us. Thank you for your help.

* 1. Where is your practice based?

* 2. Under the ten subject areas of the the RIBA Core Curriculum, please indicate what topics you would like to be covered in 2014:

* 3. If you would like to be included in a draw to win a £100 book voucher or you would like us to contact you to discuss a specific aspect of this feedback please provide your name and contact details here: