Plaza Research is currently conducting a nationwide study that would take place online. You must have a webcam attached to your computer to participate in the study.

If you qualify and participate in this study you would receive $75 for 1 hour of your time.

Please answer the questions below to see if you meet the specifications we are looking for.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Age

* 3. Education

* 4. Income

* 5. Do you have both a working webcam and microphone attached to your computer?

* 6. Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

* 7. Have you been diagnosed by a physician with any of these conditions?

* 8. What non-prescription/ over the counter treatment do you tried for your condition?

* 9. What prescription medications have you tried for you condition?

Thank you for your time. If you meet the specifications we are looking for someone rom Plaza Research will contact you to ask some additional questions and see if you can qualify for this study.