* 1. What are the three largest challenges facing you and your operation today?

* 2. What are the three largest challenges facing the dairy industry as a whole?

* 3. Do you have other ideas for timely topics and great presenters?

* 4. How far are you willing to travel to attend an educational program?

* 5. What time of year/month works best for you?

* 6. What time of the day works best for you?

* 7. How much are you willing to pay for a three to four hour long program with lunch?

* 8. What types of programs do you prefer (rank in order of preference)

Farm Open House
Producer panels
Industry expert presenters
Public expert presentations (Universities, Extension, NICC)

* 9. Does it matter to you if an informational event has corporate sponsorship as long as the majority of the presentation is not promoting the product they offer?

* 10. Other ideas/questions