* 1. I have been in the workforce for...

* 2. I am a current Healthcare Businesswomen's Association member:

* 3. I listen to podcasts:

* 4. I'm on the following social media portals:

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* 5. Evening Programs: What type(s) of topics should we address in evening programs for HBA?

* 6. Morning Programs: Are you interested in morning programs with HBA Indiana? If so, on what topics?

* 7. Signature Event: Second, we are thinking of a signature (large) event for HBA Indiana Members - a short TED-talk like, set of mini presentations via a 1/2 day conference focused specifically on on HEALTHCARE CAREER DEVELOPMENT. Would you be interested in attending this event? *

* 8. If we hosted a signature event on CAREER DEVELOPMENT, and each speaker only spoke for 5 minutes around one topic, would you be interested in speaking? *

* 9. When should we have this signature event in Indy? (Select all that work for you):

* 10. If so, what day(s) of the week would work best for you with this signature event? (Select all that apply)

* 11. What side of Indy should we host this signature event?

* 12. The Signature Event would be focused around 6-7 "Triads" - each triad would have 3 speakers, each speaking for 5 minutes about one specific tool or technique around a triad topic. If you wanted to speak, which triad(s) would you like to speak about? (Select all that apply) *

* 13. Would you be interested in serving on the planning committee for this signature event?

* 14. Any cool venue you'd like us to host this signature event?

* 15. What else would you like to add about our morning, evening or SIGNATURE event programming?

* 16. Would you or your company like to sponsor any of our events?

* 17. How else can we help you on women, healthcare, gender parity and career development?

* 18. I'd like to hear more about HBA.

* 19. Name (Required if you want to be registered to win one of 2 $25 Starbucks Gift cards, would like to speak at our signature event, or would like follow up to learn more about HBA.)

* 20. Email (Required if you want to be registered to win one of 2 $25 Starbucks Gift cards, would like to be considered for speaking at our signature event, or would like to learn more about HBA.)

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