Thank you for your willingness to assist the Bradenton Fire Department in this <15-minute survey. Your anonymous responses will aid the department in determining successes and areas for improvement, further ensuring that focus remains on meeting or exceeding our community's current/future needs and expectations.

* 1. Please indicate which organization type(s) or group(s) you are with:

* 2. Which Bradenton Fire Department members have you interacted with?

* 3. Regardless of whether or not they are met: What are your top five (5) EXPECTATIONS of Bradenton Fire Department overall?

* 4. Do you feel the Bradenton Fire Department meets the expectations you noted above?

* 5. What are your CONCERNS about any aspect of the Bradenton Fire Department? (This could be overall, operationally, service-related, current, future, etc.)

* 6. Based on what you know of the Bradenton Fire Department: What do you view as POSITIVES/STRENGTHS of the department?

* 7. We welcome any other comments you would like to share with/about the Bradenton Fire Department.

* 8. If you would like to be contacted about this survey, please provide any specific inquiry and/or your contact information.