We are working on a marketing research project on behalf of BluePrint Research Group; a firm that works with healthcare companies to help these companies better understand the experiences and opinions of people like you. The goal of this questionnaire is to make contact with individuals diagnosed with DIABETES (DM) Type 1. In the coming months, we will reach out to those interested in participating in on-line surveys or telephone discussions to help understand the treatment decision process

Since we are looking for many different kinds of people to participate in this research, I would like to ask you some general questions about your health. If you qualify for the interview phase you will be compensated up to ($100.00) for your time for participating in a 60-minute interview.

This project is purely concerned with market research and there will be no attempts to sell you anything or influence you in any way. All responses are entirely confidential and your identity will not be shared with the study sponsor. We ask that you answer the following questions as openly and freely as possible.

Different people sometimes respond in different ways to the same product, and some side effects may not be discovered until many people have used a product over a period of time. For this reason, we are required by law to pass on to our client details of any side effects or product technical complaints related to their own products that are mentioned during the course of market research.

Although what you say will, of course, be treated in confidence, should you mention during the discussion a side effect or product technical complaint when you, or someone you know, became ill after taking one of our client’s products, or a problem you have had with one of our client’s products we will need to report this, so that they can learn more about the safety of their products.

Our clients range from not-for-profit organizations, advertising agencies, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies. We work with them as an independent marketing research company to gather the opinions of individuals closest to various disease groups. We have worked in a number of different disease areas including diabetes, autism, Fragile X, hemophilia and many more.

Question Title

* 1. Have you been medical diagnosed with a form of DIABETES?