* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your District:

* 3. Your Role:

* 4. Section 1.4 of the TAM provides roles and responsibilities. In the chart below, indicate which responsibility belongs to which role, the District Test Coordinator (DTC), School Test Coordinator (STC), Test Administrator (TA), or Regional ESD Partner (ESD). Some responsibilities may fall under more than one role.

Ensure students are getting the correct assessment with the appropriate supports
Provide assistance with assessment and data collection questions
Monitor testing progress during the testing window and ensure that all students participate, as appropriate
Monitor who has access to the OAKS System and ensure that users only receive access after the required annual training has occurred
Report potential test irregularities or improprieties to ODE Test Security
Work with technology staff to ensure that necessary technology is updated

* 5. Section 1.5 of the TAM provides a definition of a Test Administrator. Based on this definition, select all of the roles below that would require TA training.

* 6. Section 1.5 of the Test Administration Manual identifies the training requirements for locally training School Test Coordinators (STCs) and Test Administrators (TAs). Select all of the resources listed below that are required to be reviewed.

* 7. Section 2.4 addresses the handling of secure test materials. Please indicate below which materials may be retained securely by the Test Administrator (TA) between test sessions and which must be immediately destroyed at the end of each test session.

  May Retain Securely Must Destroy Immediately
Printed test items from a not yet submitted OAKS Science test
Printed reading passages from a not yet submitted Smarter Balanced ELA CAT
Scratch paper for a not yet submitted Smarter Balanced CAT
Scratch paper for a not yet submitted Smarter Balanced Math CAT
Scratch paper for a not yet submitted Smarter Balanced PT
Scratch paper for a not yet submitted ELPA21 test
Scratch paper for a not yet submitted OAKS Science or Social Sciences test

* 8. Section 3.1 includes a definition of student coaching.  From the scenarios below, select all that qualify as student coaching and must be reported as a test impropriety.

* 9. Sections 3.1 and 3.2 identify examples of adult- and student-initiated test improprieties. From the scenarios below, select all that must be reported as a test impropriety.

* 10. True or false, the definition of a test impropriety includes accidental behaviors that give a student an unfair advantage or compromise the secure administration of the assessment?

* 11. Section 3.5 describes the outcomes of test improprieties and irregularities. From the list below, identify which scenarios are eligible for a test reset. Select all that apply.

* 12. For which of the scenarios below would it be appropriate to use the Test Window feature of TIDE? Select all that apply.

* 13. According to Section 5.2 of the Test Administration Manual, for which assessments must a school wait until at least 66% of annual instructional days have been completed before testing?  Select all that apply.

* 14. Section 5.2 of the Test Administration Manual states that, regardless of the test window a school establishes to complete testing, schools will be held accountable for ensuring that all students who are enrolled as of the first school day in ___ have tested.

* 15. Section 5.3 of the Test Administration Manual addresses the requirements regarding parent right to opt their child(ren) out of required state testing. From the list below, select all who are authorized to opt a student out of the state testing requirement.

* 16. Section 6.4 provides information on the pause rules for all tests. Determine if the following statements are true or false:

  True False
If a student pauses a Smarter Balanced Math CAT for less than 20 minutes, the student can return to previous test pages and change a  response to any question he or she has already answered within a segment.
If a student pauses an OAKS Online Science test for more than 20 minutes but did not answer the last question displayed, when the student logs back into the test he or she will not be able to go back and answer that question.
If a student pauses the ELPA21 for more than 20 minutes, the student will return to the same section and be able to continue typing his or her responses.

* 18. Section 7.0 of the TAM addresses the Smarter Balanced assessments in math and ELA, which states that the CAT expires after ___ calendar days and the PT expires after ___ calendar days.

* 19. Students who take a Smarter Balanced Mathematics test using the stacked Spanish/English version can respond to open-ended questions in Spanish and their response will be scored by a trained Spanish-speaking scorer.

* 20. Section 9.0 addresses the ELPA21 and describes the possibility that a student may encounter a “too soft” recording warning. If a student encounters this warning during testing, which of the following options is an acceptable course of action? Select all that apply.

* 21. Appendix B of the TAM addresses student eligibility to take ELPA21. From the following scenarios, identify which would be eligible to take ELPA21 in 2017-18. Select all that apply.