1. Yo DREAM Mentors...

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We want to offer you our sincerest THANK YOU for your dedication TO and passion FOR DREAM. It has been magical, and we hope you're leaving DREAM knowing you've truly made an impact. The Alumni Organization is your newest resource for all things DREAMy, and we hope you will stay involved with DREAM at some level in the years to come. Once a DREAMer, always a DREAMer! Until then, we ask you to complete one final task...a survey! Taking the time to do this will help us understand our mentors (you) better, and in turn, create a better DREAM program in the future.

The following survey content will vary from questions about your college life to experiences you shared with your mentee. It is a bit lengthy, but we ask you to stick with it so we're able to measure your responses with those from graduating mentors in the future... Thanks!