* 1. Are you visually impaired?

* 2. Do you (or does the person you know who is visually impaired) like to use technology?

* 3. Do you (or the person you know who is visually impaired) have a smartphone?

* 4. Tell me about your other senses. Do they feel heightened? Does that empower you?

* 5. What do you wish you could do that you can't currently do because of your vision condition? What frustrates you about being visually impaired?

* 6. In selecting a device for the visually impaired how important are the following factors:

  not important somewhat important indifferent important highly important
Ease of use
Incorporated into a device I already own (like a smartphone or walking cane)
Subtlety (you would not be identified as blind when using it)
Solves a specific problem
Ties me to a community for the blind
Uses my sense of hearing
Uses my sense of smell
Uses my sense of taste
Uses my sense of touch

* 7. What types of organizations for the blind do you belong to or are aware of?

* 8. Please describe your support network.

* 9. What do you look forward to in a typical day?

* 10. Would you like to be contacted about further research or information pertaining to this project? Please leave your email below or contact me at econnors@stanford.edu before March 22, 2012. THANK YOU!!!!